Restoration 1 royalties are 7% of monthly gross sales. Marketing fees are charged on a Cost Per Lead basis.

NO. When you start your business, most Restoration 1 franchisees start the business working from home. As the business grows and you get larger, then you may need a commercial space to operate, store equipment and vehicles. These are usually combined in one centrally placed commercial location within your territory.

Restoration 1 will assist you in locating the most appropriate and least expensive real estate appropriate for your Restoration 1 location.

Yes. Our Restoration 1 vehicle, website and brand program has been strategically designed to contribute to your territory’s business potential. Your banding plays an important role in maintaining your company’s presence and professionalism in the territory.

The Restoration 1 graphic design can be configured to accommodate many types of vehicles, including various size vans and trucks.

Yes. Specialized equipment is needed with our work. You will be fully trained to properly use air movers, dehumidifiers, calibration and measurement devices, and other types of remediation equipment.

Restoration 1 will make all necessary equipment available through our wholesale national accounts at direct pass-through prices.

Yes. your territory will be protected, but we do allow franchisees to follow business from direct referral sources in to any market. All Restoration 1 franchise territories are protected and typically are much larger than our restoration company competitors. Therefore, your Restoration 1 territory will support the level of business volume you aspire to without fear of encroachment of other franchisees.

No. Although construction experience is a plus. Restoration 1 will provide you with hands-on technical training at our training facility before you open your doors for business.

Restoration 1 provides expert in territory assistance during your Grand Opening will work with you on an on-going basis in your territory to develop a growing number or referral resources.

The franchise fee for a Restoration 1 Franchisee is a $25,000.00 one time fee.

The reality of life is that accidents natural disasters happen on a regular basis right in your territory. It’s this same reality that makes a Restoration 1 franchise a successful business that is stable in any economy.

Insurance claims and remediation needs are triggered by major storms, water leaks, fires, smoke damage, wind, vandalism, and much more. Restoration 1 franchisees are seen as the experts in water damage, fire and mold remediation and are called upon in response to those incidents on a very regular basis.

Restoration 1 will teach and train you how to get referral services with our strong and proven marketing strategy.

Our proven business development methodology shows you precisely how to create loyal referral agents that produce high margin business, steady accounts and income streams.

Enjoy a low initial investment and high margin franchise business.

Insurance Driven

At Restoration 1, we strive to do more than just property restoration

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Low Investment Costs

It is estimated that the restoration market is a $60 billion industry and growing.

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Training and Support

Franchisees who begin their business will have access to a wide array of proven training and resources.

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Initial Investment

We are proud to help franchisees successfully develop their locations

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