Long-Term Care, Attention, & Resources for Franchisees

Franchisees who begin their business process with Restoration 1 will have access to a wide array of proven training and resources. Your process begins with enrollment in our Fast Start Program, which assigns an advisor to your business to help you through the first year of hurdles and milestones you’ll face.

Your Fast Start advisor will walk with you through every step of your business’ development, helping you stay on pace and build your client base as effectively as possible. From initial marketing efforts to continual development of your local brand, having an experienced ally on your side will help you avoid common pitfalls while giving your first year of growth a major boost.

Two Weeks of High-Intensity Training

Restoration 1 believes in two principles: one, that we should equip our franchisees as much as possible, and two, that we should maximize the efficiency of everything we do. When franchisees choose to start a business as a Restoration 1 location, they fly out to our headquarters for two weeks of intensive training.

In two weeks, we pack in as much education and hands-on experience as possible. Our process has been developed over the years to maximize impact and minimize the time needed, so you can get started on building your business sooner rather than later. As a result, our franchisees are among the most supported and equipped business owners in the industry in a matter of a few weeks.

Your two-week training will include:

  • Going on live jobs
  • Marketing education
  • Industry education
  • Working with Director of Field Operations
  • First-hand look at how business operates

Ultimately, your training and support continues far beyond the two-week period that you’re with us. We continue to provide you with extensive education and resources (including digital marketing), as well as helping guide you through your Fast Start advisor.

Restoration 1 is known for being a franchise that deeply cares about its franchisees. Our founder, Andor Kovacs, came to America to make a better life for himself and his wife. His experience has shaped how we treat each other, our franchisees, and our customers. Since then, he has been committed to extending the same opportunity to each franchisee who signs on with us.

If you’re ready to get started, call 1-888-884-9367, or keep reading to hear about the next step in the franchise journey!

Enjoy a low initial investment and high margin franchise business.

Insurance Driven

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Low Investment Costs

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Training and Support

Franchisees who begin their business will have access to a wide array of proven training and resources.

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Initial Investment

We are proud to help franchisees successfully develop their locations

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